Show - May 1 :: Temporality, Embodiment, and The OA

Some Shows

I'm playing Wednesday, May 1 at Caledonia with Swamp, Faster Circuits, and Son Step (Philly). Show starts at 10, and I’ll be on first.

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I’ll also be playing at The Foundry on May 16th as a finalist for the The Vic Chesnutt Songwriter of the Year Award. Funds raised from the event are used to benefit Nuçi's Space (a local non-profit health and resource center for musicians), and to support the Classic City of Athens Rotary Club’s community service activities.

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A TV Show

Part Two of The OA plays with multidimensional travel, temporal relativity, embodied thinking, and binaries of all kinds, and it provides stunning visual metaphors that I can share with others in puzzling through Deleuzoguattarian models/ideas. I searched for articles about "OA" and "deleuze & guattari" and found the following:

An Article

Katherine Bradley wrote an article about becomings-alien, -animal, and -other in The OA and in the movie Annihilation, both of which are puzzling, prismatic, and experimental works. Read "Intersubjectivity in Science Fiction: Towards Interspecies Ethics" by Katherine Bradley.

A Presentation

I also had the good fortune of attending a presentation by CJ Komp earlier this month called "Operas for this time: the queer temporality of Parable of the Sower, The Ghosts of Versailles, and other contemporary works." I look forward to seeing this published! Event page

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