Art, Experimentation, Ecology :: April 3, 2019

Hello friends!

Art, experimentation, ecology, and education have been on my mind a lot lately, and I’ll be highlighting work on these themes below!

Early Show: Friday, April 12 at Flicker

I’m playing SUPER EARLY (6pm!) with Baby Tony & the Teenies and Ariel Ackerly at Flicker. This show was booked by my dear friend Marie Uhler of Public Access Touring! She has been booking and promoting early shows in Athens for years, and I’m super stoked to be playing one.

Event pages: Songkick, Facebook. Hope to see you.

An Article

Jessie Beier is an Edmonton-based teacher, artist, writer, and conjurer of strange pedagogies who wrote a Deleuzoguattarian inquiry of sound art and thought called “Dis-organ-izing the Subject: Thinking With Sound.” It is always thrilling to find kindred spirits in research, and I highly recommend taking a look at Jessie’s other work on ecology, speculative fiction, and anti-fascist pedagogy.

A Band

Tadzio (Philadelphia, PA) recently came through Athens on tour and blew me away. Very aptly described as having “an uneasy lushness that recalls both the soaring verticality of a symphony hall and the distorted hum of a basement noise show.” Vocalist Shaina Kapeluck is an educator interested in the intersection of illness, art, and medieval sonic traditions, and I'm so glad I got to see these folks on tour.

A Poem

Muriel Rukeyser wrote a poem called “Adventure at Midnight,” a meditation on climate change, consumerism, and the sea.The following lines from it inspired the chorus of my song “Marinero”:

What rising? What memory of ocean?

What is it ripples and rises?

The drowned heart, lifted a moment

answers clearly.

love + thanks,


Lydia Brambila