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Hello friends!

This month, I’m trying to concentrate more on the things I can learn and build with others. Let’s make stuff together!

A Show

I'm playing Friday, June 14th at Flicker. Doors at 9pm, $5 at the door. 
Event Page: Facebook

After nearly ten years of playing live shows, this is my first time putting one together (!), and I am so happy I get to bring together these solo singer-songwriters who all make such beautiful and experimental music. I'll be playing with Briana Marela (Oakland, CA); Madelune Polites (of Immaterial Possession); and Ariel Ackerly. Read their bios here!

A New Song + Article

I read this article, "The Opposite of a Muse," about Isabelle Mège a few years ago. Her methods inspired a song off my next album, "Selfothermade." You can listen to it using this secret link.

A Project

Briana Marela, one of the musicians playing with me on June 14th, is studying the intersection of electronic wearables, music, and gesture using Lilypad Arduino. Ariel Ackerly, who is also playing with us on June 14th, has been teaching me the foundations of e-textiles and Arduino, and I am so grateful to these minds for sharing their work and their knowledge!

I would love to see this self-directed learning project result in some wearables that can be easily shared via open source. I am trying to get more involved in studying and participating in communities of practice involving self-directed and peer-to-peer learning in public/library spaces. If you'd like to get involved, let me know!

A Record

My wonderful and talented friend, Dena Zilber, is a visual artist and musician in Seattle whom I deeply admire and dearly love. Her band, Flying Fish Cove, is going on tour this summer, and they'll be playing a show with me at the Georgia Theater on July 10th (more details soon)!

Dena asked me to contribute vocals to Flying Fish Cove’s album, At Moonset, and their new vinyl record is a beautiful translucent blue experience that will fill your brain with color. Buy it on Bandcamp!

A Tour

I am making tentative plans to go on a little tour in the Southeast this summer, and I’d like to tour the Northeast in October. Want to play a show with me? Drop me a line!

love + thanks,

Lydian - your friend in gratitude

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