Circles of Quiet :: Solo Show on July 10 : New Song, "Marlene"

Hello friends,

Thanks to those who came out to our little show/workshop last month! I’ll keep posting our projects on Instagram (including a theremin! and eventually fabric speakers).

A Show

I'm playing Wednesday, July 10 on the Georgia Theatre Rooftop. Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm. $5 at the door.
Event Page: Facebook

I'm playing with Flying Fish Cove from Seattle, WA, a band I love dearly! They asked me to contribute backing vocals to their gorgeous translucent blue vinyl record, At Moonset. Buy their record on Bandcamp! We'll be joined by Immaterial Possession on the rooftop (featuring Madelune Polites, who played that beautiful solo set with me, Ariel Ackerly, and Briana Marela last month).

A New Song

Here's a new song off my next album, The Eternal Machine, called "Marlene.” It features piano played by my husband, Mat Lewis, at Zeke Sayer’s studio in Lavonia, GA. I offer to you this tiny circle of quiet.

On Migraine

I've been experiencing migraines more frequently and intensely these past few weeks, and it's encouraged me to find ways to restructure my life in ways that prioritize my health. My migraines feel like an icepick going through my left eye and are accompanied by fatigue, light sensitivity, and nausea. They have no determinate trigger and have a huge impact on my ability to think clearly in the present and to plan for the future. I make commitments with enthusiasm when I'm well, only to find that I can't follow through when my unpredictable symptoms arise. 

I am so thankful to the friends and family who accommodate my limitations without judgment. I want to keep learning compassionate ways to work within and around my symptoms that are respectful of others' time. I want these lessons to inform the ways that I make and discuss art with others, and I want to continue to prioritize the aspects of making art that have brought me physical and emotional healing. I thank the people in my life who collectively combat mistaken ideas about meritocracy under capitalism and who work to make effective, holistic, and universal healthcare affordable to all.

A Quote

"The worst is not, as Edgar comments in King Lear, as long as we can say: 'this is the worst'. On this hypothesis, the very act of speech or dialogue, however brutal or sterile, cannot help bearing with it a tacit commitment to reason, truth, and value, establishing a reciprocity, however grossly inequitable, within which it is open to us to glimpse the possibility of a full human mutuality, and so the dim lineaments of an alternative form of society."

—Terry Eagleton's The Ideology of the Aesthetic (Cambridge, MA: Blackwell, 1990), p. 440.

love + thanks,

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