Tree Paintings + Plant Music :: Athens 8/2 :: Seattle 8/10

An Athens Show


I'm playing Friday, August 2nd at Nowhere Bar with Catenary Wires (the project of Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey) and Avery Leigh's Night Palace.

Tickets here, Facebook event here.

I have so much love for Rob and Amelia's other projects - Tender Trap, Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research, bands that have helped me run and sing - and I am feeling a lot of feelings. Catenary Wires has some beautiful delicate wintery songs that I look forward to seeing them play as a duo. And Avery Leigh's Night Palace is such a light-filled treasure! Come to this.

A Seattle Show

I'll also be playing Wainestock MMXIX on Saturday, August 10th at the Volunteer Park Amphitheater! It'll be my first time in Seattle, and I'll be playing with friends Flying Fish Cove. Facebook event here.

A Painting

I saw an exhibit of Katherine Mitchell's artwork called Hearing the Trees in the Circle Gallery last year, and her paintings are lunar, geometric, and contemplative.

Her artist's statement: 

"Over the years I have moved back and forth between my interest in architectural form and the natural world. I began the Hearing the Trees series when a favorite tree, a White Oak, had become diseased, and I began a series of works focused on the tree, which I had come to love. As always I am drawn to geometry, to the layering of systems and patterns, as well as more recently to imbedding texts within these works. These drawings/paintings serve as talismans for me and the tree, and by extension, this tree represents all trees and symbolizes our endangered natural world."

You can see one of my favorite pieces, White Oak (2016), along with her other current work here

A Translation

Mileece develops technology that translates the bio-electric emissions of plants into organic electronic music. You can watch an interview with her here.

Lydia Brambila